Our Finance and Administration department, located at our Headquarters, enforces budgetary control, practices good grant financial management and reporting. It offers financial and logistical support to facilitate all field work in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

Statutory audits for the past seven years have all been unqualified. The organisation has had Recipient Contracted Audits for in 2016, 2018 and 2019 which were all unqualified.


Our story in numbers

2012 2017 -2019
CeSHHAR registered as a Private Voluntary Organisation Fluctuations in revenue amounts with growth and dips over the two years.
Budget at inception $900,000 Average budget $5,500,000
2012 -2017 2020
Significant revenue growth with double growth in some years. CeSHHAR has made a mark in research and programme implementation, is a centre of reference and influencing policy.


Budget grows from $900,000 to $5,700000

Total funds invested in the health sector to date $30,290,200



Statement of financial position

ASSETS 2019 2018
Non-Current Assets 39,100 8,700
Current Assets
 Fuel stock 1,100  4,300
Trade receivables 34,600  92,800
Receivable from donor 521,400  324,700
Cash & Cash equivalents 427,300  408,000
Total Current Assets 984,400 829,800
TOTAL ASSETS 1, 023,500 838,500
Equity & Liabilities
Accumulated Surplus 55,400 110,800
Deferred Income 835,000 719,800
Current liabilities 133,100  7,900
TOTAL EQUITY & LIABILITIES 1,023,500 838,500


CeSHHAR has seen a steady growth in its net asset position through purchase of vehicles to support operations and donor contributions to fund programme operations.

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